Jan 14, 2013

Meow 77 / Ina Hattenhauer

Ina Hattenhauer is an illustrator from Weimar in Germany. Her beautiful and humorous work has appeared in many children's books, magazines, products and more. Like me, Ina doesn't own a cat but likes to make friends with all the cats she meets, such as the gorgeous kitty in the picture. Don't forget to check out the amazing animated GIFs on Ina's blog!


  1. Big love for Ina and her cat creations.

  2. Wonderful cat illustrations !
    Now I´m your new follower and later I´ll discover Ina´s blog :)

  3. I love your blog about cats illustrations, I´m a spanish illustrator and I have a cat and cats illustrations. If you want to do a post about my arkwork, you can write to susiecreativa@hotmail.com and you can see my artwork here