Aug 24, 2009

Meow 20 / Jennifer Davis

I'm so happy that I discovered Jennifer Davis' work! She creates beautiful paintings with unique characters & colour palette. You can buy prints of her work (a lot of it features cats!) from her Etsy shop. Her big black cat is called Nudge, he can do tricks such as shake and high five and apparently loves to hang out in the basin (I love his chilled-out expression). You can also find her blog here. Meow!


  1. Hello Nudge! Thanks for introducing me to Jennifer's work-I must go check her out!

  2. your blog is really great, i love porcelain cats, but this has introduced to a whole new side on cat "art" really inspiring. love it.

  3. Hi!

    What a lovely blog you`ve got here!

  4. I LOooooove cats too!
    fun idea, this blog!

  5. I love your blog..

    See my blog and u'll surprise for it!

    See ya!