Sep 30, 2009

Meow 24 / Kristin Oftedal

Kristin Oftedal is an illustrator based in Oslo, Norway. I love her beautiful and atmospheric drawings. Kristin works for publishing and editorial clients and has just finished illustrating a children's book for Macmillan.
You can see more examples of her work on her website and you can also buy lovely prints and mirrors on her etsy shop. Her cat Simen lives with her parents, his middle name is Rydiger named after The Little Vampire. Simen loves to chase paper balls and eat shrimps.


  1. Her work is lovely! Hearted her shop.

  2. I love so much your blog!!
    and i love the pictures!!

  3. your blog is great! i love cats and illustration so to me it is perfect. would you mind me posting about you?

  4. That middle drawing is SO great!