Aug 6, 2012

Meow 63 / Mel Stringer

Mel Stringer is an illustrator from Australia, whose wonderful work regularly appears in Frankie magazine. I adore her characters and beautiful use of colour! She publishes her own little zines and comics, including the  'A Day With Vera Flynn Fern' (about the day of a cat) and makes amazing dolls and so many other amazing crafty and drawn things - you must check out her Etsy shop ! Mel doesn't own a cat at the moment, but she made this self portrait of herself with a Siamese cat especially for We Say Meow. More of her latest work can be seen over at her blog


  1. love this work. pip x

  2. I love this all so much! I do hope that she creates a writing set, as I think that'd be pretty perfect :)

  3. You should also check her Bernadette doll.They have a face book page there cute and awesome.